Friday, November 20, 2015

Use for your celebration table decoration or for a party favor
Crystal will reflect the light and mood in the room
and guests will appreciate taking home something fun and memorable

                                         Crystal Diamond Candle Holder

Add lasting sparkle to your day with this Crystal Diamond shaped candle holder favor.  Some favors just shine. This one certainly does - and your guests are sure to make great use of it long after your event is through.

 Silver Crystal Contemporary Place Card Holders Set Of 10

Nickel plated trapezoid with shimmering crystal dust place card holder, sold in sets of 10.  Sure to impress your guests as soon as they enter your reception!


 Choice Crystal Collection 

Beautiful crystal ball place card favors from the exclusive Choice Crystal Collection.  They'll also make a sparkling note/photo holder when your guests take them home. 

                                   Crystal Baby Carriage Favor

Whether it’s for baby shower favors, christening favors, or a unique way to distinctively announce your baby’s arrival, these crystal baby carriages really are simply adorable! 
Your guests will love these keepsake trinkets!
  A brilliant favor each featuring a skillfully faceted crystal carriage with accenting chrome
embossed metal handle and wheels.

    Fairytale Princess Coach Favor

  Each features a stunning multi faceted clear crystal coach majestically perched
on silver metal wheels and carriage. 

                                    Crystal Baby Bootie Favor

Expecting the pitter-patter of little feet? Celebrate with the Adorable Crystal Baby Bootie Favors.  A brilliant selection as favors for a baby shower or christening, these crystal baby booties are perfect keepsakes that can also be used as adorable accompaniments to your baby announcements.

Crystal Pacifier Favor

Bringing comfort and smiles to newborns, the pacifier, or binky, is sure
to be one of your new babies favorite things. Each crystal pacifier has a white frosted white ring and multifaceted sparkling clear center and colored crystal nipple.