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Basic Tips & Ideas for Planning a Wedding

For some wedding planning is not more than booking a banquet hall for the gala reception and ceremony. In actual wedding planning includes many more things. A perfect plan will include invitation ideas, bridesmaid dresses, attire for mother of the bride, not least selecting the right bridal flower bouquets. Most important is that you should make your wedding fun and fabulous.

Every wedding has a budget. It depends that how much you want to spend on your marriage. Most brides and grooms feel overwhelmed in the process of wedding planning. Begin by creating a personalized month-by-month to-do list with an approximate wedding date. Add all meetings related to the wedding to your checklist so you don't forget.

The reception party where all your guests come together to celebrate this event with you. It should reflect and complement the formality of your ceremony. The place for reception party should be selected depending on its availability, price, proximity to the ceremony site, and the number of people it can accommodate.

Decision about food is also very important. The first decision that has to be made about your wedding food is whether you will hire a caterer or prepare and serve everything with the help of family and friends, of course. Basically, a caterer will be more expensive but less time-consuming on your part and, therefore, less stressful. On the other hand, buying and preparing the food yourself will save you quite a bit of money.

Wedding planning should be done with fun and excitement. A wedding should always be a most memorable moment of life, so it should be done with care and excitement. A well planned wedding will give you an appreciation from others. However, if you don't do the proper research and stay within your budget things can go bad in a hurry. You need to make a well organized list of things to do. You need to keep the things well organized and simple.

Here are some basic tips to organize a well planned wedding.
  1. The first that needs to be decided that how big and complex you want your wedding to be. You want a small wedding with some simple arrangements or would you rather have a big wedding? You need to make sure both you and your partner are on the same page and agree on things. Prepare to make some compromises.
  2. Decide a good and the most attractive theme for your wedding. This will include that how people will dress, kind of music, food, venue, and decorations.
  3. What is your budget for this wedding? How much can you really afford. There is no reason to go all out on a wedding if you can't afford it. This could lead to some really big problems with your families and you as a couple. Instead you can arrange a good and simple wedding within your budget by arranging all things in a well planned manner.
  4. Decide that you will make all the wedding arrangements by your self or you want to hire a wedding planner? Wedding planners are certainly great and do a good job. Be sure if you do hire one that they don't get you spending a lot more money then you originally planned.
  5. Make all the plans in time. Don't wait to long to get your plans in order. This is something that you must start taking care of. Decide about venue and do a booking for the hall on time, getting invitations ready, decide about foods and recipes and find your and your partner dress. Dress of bride and groom should be compatible to each other.
  6. Planning a wedding takes time and work. You need to set a date and get at it. If you don't you might find a year or two go by and your still not married. If you follow some of these basic tips and make all the arrangements accordingly I think you will find things to along smoothly. Soon you will be off on your honeymoon with your sweet heart.
Make all the arrangements via a plan and enjoy your wedding party.

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