Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Twist On The Classic Ceremony Unity Set

Unity Sets for a wedding ceremony have come a long way!
First introduced to the wedding industry in the form of candles, with the bride and groom each lighting a candle and then lighting the "unity candle" symbolizing their new union together.
Next came the Sand Unity Sets, still very popular especially for beach or destination weddings where the bride and groom each choose a color sand and then pour the sand into one vessel to symbolize their union.
Now a new trend has hit the wedding industry!
Ceremony Unity Masterpiece Keepsake Canvases!
We love these keepsake works of art!
Available in your choice of design, the bride and groom can write their vows or words of love on a pre-stretched canvas.
They make a wonderful gift in choice of a blank canvas or pre-worded with "I promise to.." or "I love You Because...".
Simple paint pens allow the couple to write what then choose during the ceremony.
Afterwards they have a precious keepsake to adorn their new homes.
Only $58.95 each!
Please visit us at www.firstimpressionfavors.com at our Wedding Unity Set Department to view the entire line.

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