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Cool Baby Shower Themes

Cool Baby Shower Themes
By : Verona Slater

If you are planning a baby shower, then one of the very first things that you should do is to decide upon your theme. The baby shower themes you choose will dictate the type of cake you purchase, the decorations, the games and the party favors. Herein you should take into account whether the mother-to-be is having a boy or a girl, as well as what her likes and dislikes are, before you make your final decision.

Hollywood Mommies for Your Baby Shower Themes
This is a fun theme. You can be very creative with this baby shower themes and even request that your guests dress a little “Hollywood. For instance, you could have your guests wear fancy hats and dark sunglasses. For decorations you could include pictures of famous people with their children. Most party stores will have plates, cups, streamers and other decorations that will follow along perfectly with a Hollywood baby shower themes. You could then have a cake made that depicts a Hollywood mom or the Hollywood hills to complete the look.

Other Baby Shower Themes: Rubber Duckies
This is one of the other cute baby shower themes. For an adorable centerpiece, you could simply float a rubber ducky in a glass container that is filled with crystals and a dash of blue food coloring. You can then use orange or yellow colored plates. Some great food choices here are cheese and crackers, crab cakes, croissant sandwiches, cupcakes with rubber duckies on them, brownies and cookies. Then serve blue punch with a ducky in the bowl.

For the gift table you could fill a baby bath with ducky themed gifts. These could include everything from burp cloths to ducky themed clothes and baby items that can be found at just about any baby store. Then for a party favor, give out ducky shaped soaps.

Baby Shower Themes for Girls: The Tea Party
Tea Party baby shower themes are great for mothers who are expecting to have daughters. Simply decorate with different shades of pink, serve finger sandwiches, lots of confections, many varieties of tea and a cake with a teapot on it. A great party favor is a tiny teapot with flowers in it.

There are many different baby shower themes that you can use for a baby shower. Another one is the “Bear Necessities” theme wherein you have the guests bring the mother-to-be all of the items that she will need when her baby is born. However, using your creativity for those little touches will go a long way towards making a memorable baby shower for the mother-to-be and all of her guests.

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