Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Purse Valet Favors

Stunning, stylish, elegant and simply beautiful is the only way to describe these purse valet favors.

Purse Valet Favors Are The Perfect Thank You Gifts For Your Special Ladies! No More Putting Purses On The Floor Or On The Back Of Their Chairs - Now They Can Place Their Purses In Style While Remembering Your Special Celebration.

To use, simply place the handbag weight flat on the table and hang your purse handles on the hanger below.

A great choice for bridal showers, Sweet Sixteens and so much more.


Inspired by the artisans of Murano Italy, these handcrafted Murano like glass purse valets will wow your guests. A most unique design each handmade Venetian like butterfly glass handbag holders is made with mixture of gold, green, red and silver swirl design colored glass which is attached to a metal hook. Since each is hand made, no two are exactly alike allowing each one to truly be a unique work of art. Sure to leave a lasting impression of your special day with your guests with their beauty and practicality.

What woman hasn't struggled with the problem of where to park her purse at restaurants, meetings and other occasions? Sling it over the back of the chair? Too vulnerable. Keep it in your lap? Too awkward. Place it on the floor? Ewwww. Imagine how thrilled the guests at your bridal shower will be when they find you've chosen the "Purse Valet" Stainless-Steel Handbag Holder for their favors!

These unique pewter purse valets make favors that are useful with a clever and decorative flair! It’s never been easy to find the perfect place to hang your purse…until now! Forget the back of your chair, your lap or the floor because with this ingenious purse caddy, your purse will always hang safely and conveniently right next to you at your table.

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